Easyship Vs. Floship

Looking for an alternative to Floship? 15,000+ online sellers and crowdfunders can’t be wrong. Our platform will have you shipping like a pro in no time

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Similar to Floship...

  • Discounted shipping rates
  • Additional discounts for high volume shippers (including crowdfunders)
  • Shopping cart integrations
  • Warehousing services from Hong Kong
  • No hidden fees or lengthy contracts

... but at Easyship, these features put us a step above the rest.


Automate your shipping

Compare shipping rates instantly, generate all required documents, schedule courier pickups with one click, and track all your shipments.

No minimum shipping volume

Easyship is for everyone, whether you're just starting out or at the top of your game. You don't need to maintain a minimum number of shipments to access our platform or get discounted rates.

Connect your store in seconds

We have integrations with every major online platform. Update tracking information to your store and sync all your orders in one click!

100+ shipping solutions

There's strength in numbers - don't rely on one courier for worldwide coverage. We maintain the largest courier network so you can access the best rates and options.

All the paperwork you need

Our automatically generated paperwork ensures you have proper documentation for every shipment and makes clearing customs a breeze.

Ship anywhere

Seamlessly ship to popular destinations such as China, the US, the UK, and the rest of the world.

Got questions? We've got answers!

Our experts are ready to advise you on the best solution for your needs. Contact us to get a quote or for more information.
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24/7 support

Got an issue with your shipment? You can use our Support Center at any time to get the answers you need.

Rate calculator

Our algorithm determines the best solution for you based on weight, customs value, and destination.
Prefer a particular service? Program Easyship to show these solutions instead!

Tax & Duties

We calculate taxes & duties based on your declared customs value so you'll know of all costs upfront.

Rates at Checkout

Offering flat and static rates at checkout decreases customer conversion. Provide flexible shipping options and the best rates with our free plugin.
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Open API available

Not on one of the major platforms? Not a problem!
Use our Open API.


Multiple warehouse partners

We take warehousing seriously with locations in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Europe.

Bulk rates available

Are you a high volume shipper or have a successful crowdfunding campaign to fulfill? You are eligible for additional discounts! Talk to us.

Simple pricing

We've done our due diligence on all of our warehousing partners to ensure they offer a simple pricing structure. Rest assured, you'll pay a fair price.

Numbers don’t lie


Less Questions

Decrease customer inquiries about shipping by 43%


More Revenue

Earn 3x more revenue with calculated rates at checkout


Less issues at customs

Reduce customs issues by 91% with pre-filled paperwork

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