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InfiPlex™️ makes it easy to manage all your clients and integrates with Easyship's Warehouse Partner's Program.

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Connect Your Store

Connect your store, download your orders and generate labels in seconds. We’ll automatically update the tracking number and courier on your store

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Expand Shipping Options

Find the best courier for you; compare delivery time, cost and reliability. Choose from over 100 shipping services and save up to 70%

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Calculate taxes and duties

Get taxes and duties estimates. No more hidden costs or handling fees!

About InfiPlex

InfiPlex™️ Inventory & Order Management System (OMS) is integrated with Easyship's Warehouse Partner's Program. As a 3PL, InfiPlex will make it easy for you to manage all of your Easyship clients and orders. InfiPlex can also help you manage all of your clients and connections through one platform.

Why Use InfiPlex?

Easily manage multiple Easyship clients As a 3PL Connector, InfiPlex offers unmatched ability to connect your clients to any marketplace at an affordable price.

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