BigCommerce Make it Big Conference with Easyship


Make it Big

Make it Big, is the largest online ecommerce conference, aimed at helping online businesses get to the next level with strategies, tactics, and insights to help them grow.

Learn more about cross border with Easyship Co-founder, Augustin Ceyrac, and Corinne Watson.

Topics Covered include:

  • The Cross-Border Opportunity
  • How to Optimize Checkout
  • How to Use Shipping as a Scalability Strategy
  • How Stores Should Approach Taxes and Duties 
  • The Future of Shipping


Going Global with Easyship (and BigCommerce)


Only 12-13% of retail sales are online, with that being said, the opportunities brands face in international markets are key to unlocking their growth.

Easyship builds shipping tools for businesses to sell to global markets. We’re helping small startups and the world’s biggest companies grow sales, develop scalable business models, and understand cross-border regulations effortlessly.